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All too often database administration responsibilities are given to developers or network administrators with no SQL Server training and no time to perform critical database administration tasks. This leaves the enterprise vulnerable to potentially catastrophic losses of data with no hope of recovery. It also means there is no expert to rely on when OLTP performance begins to degrade or reports start taking minutes instead of seconds and when developers have questions.

Hiring a full-time DBA on staff is one possible solution. A better solution can be engaging a part-time DBA to implement a set of proven standards and practices that finally give your staff and data the attention and resources they deserve...Innavoy can help!

Consultant Support Options

  • Hourly Rate - Our consultants are available for both short-term & long-term assignments providing 1-5 hours of dedicated support a day as mutually agreed.
  • Monthly Retainer - An affordable monthly retainer is available for those that only need 8-10 hours of help a month. Additional hours of support are available for special projects on a short-term basis.

Same Consultant Every Day
Regardless of what option you choose, you will interface with the same consultant every day. This forges relationships between all the key personnel and allows our consultant to become a true member of your team.

What Innavoy Can Do

Database Software
We are experienced in all flavors of Microsoft SQL Server version 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2017.

Performance And Tuning
Whether your problem is slow queries or bogged down servers, we can help you analyze and fix them. Dramatic improvements can often be observed in the first few hours!

It's vital that a competent plan for normal onsite recovery and disaster recovery be implemented and monitored regularly to ensure data availability. Innavoy can help you put one in place.

Upgrade/Migrate To Newer Database Software
When your current software is no longer supported or you just want to get to the most current release, Innavoy can get you there.

Together we can determine what your security needs are, create a plan and implement it.

Developer Support
It's essential to have a database expert as a resource for development staff to bounce ideas off of and give advice regarding database access and performance.

Import/Export Of Data
We can help you import or export your data from flat files, spreadsheets, other databases like Microsoft Access.

Table & Index Design
We can gather your data requirements, map them into entities, define relationships between entities and enforce them with database rules. Indexes (keys) will be set up based on how you want to access your data.

Service area

While Innavoy consultants often work entirely by remote access anywhere in the United States, we are able to come onsite as needed for locations in central North Carolina.


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